Примечание к релизу / Piwigo 1.3.0

Major feature enhancements

Скачать Piwigo 1.3.0

Релиз от 12 Октябрь 2003

  • code re-written : clearer
  • automated slideshow
  • if a sub-category contains a recent picture, then its parent category is displayed as having a recent picture (in the menu)
  • posibility to create a cookie not to be forced to authenticate on each visit
  • optional display of the number of comments per picture on the thumbnails page
  • use of HTML templates (PHP code is completely separated from HTML code)
  • if a category doesn't contain any picture but has sub-categories, a picture taken with random (or not, if configured) from each sub-category is displayed.
  • search improved : possibility to use keywords, possibility to search on multiple words
  • special category with most seen pictures
  • special category with most recently added pictures
  • possibility to link a picture with several categories, without having the picture twice on the hard disk of the web hosting server
  • virtual categories : they are not linked to any directoy, they can contain pictures only by logical links
  • mail notification for administrators when a picture is upload by a guest or when a guest post a comment
  • possibility to activate or de-activate the history of website visits.
  • history improved : display day by day, graphics of number of visits and number of visitors
  • possibility to display users comments only once validated by an administrator
  • anti-flood system : a user can't post 2 comments without a pause long enough
  • users groups : enables you to manage categories access group by group and not only user by user
  • permission management modified : by default, a category is “public”, if you want the access restricted, you have to make it “private” and manage its access rigths (for a group,
  • or a single user)
  • display of last users comments on a single common page