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Piwigo - галерея для изображений в Интернете. Все программные элементы - с открытым кодом. Предназначено и для организаций, и для групп, и для отдельных лиц.

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Piwigo шикарно подходит, когда речь заходит о классификации тысячи или даже сотен тысяч изображений.


Созданная в 2002 году, Piwigo поддерживается своими пользователями более 22 лет. Постоянное развитие, только вперед!

Открытый исходный код

Исходный код доступен для всех. Можно проверять и редактировать. Легко изменить результаты, применяя плагины и темы.

Прекрасные галереи, созданные с Piwigo

Société des 3 vallées
Robert Miller
Winchester City Council
Parc naturel régional des Landes de Gascogne

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I needed a platform to show pictures of my knives that doesn't need a lot of maintenance and its configurable. Piwigo was the best solution I found. I was able to customize it so its easy to navigate on the desktop and mobile. The 3rd party plugin repository enables a lot of nice things to be done so the site looks even better.

Pablo E. Untroib, PEU Knives

Компании Argentina

I have used Piwigo for many years and am very pleased with it. I run numerous websites with various gallery solutions, however Piwigo is by far the best and I use Piwigo on all my important websites. Using Piwigo I can create a web gallery exactly how I want it. In my own case, I want the my photographs to look as good as possible so I have a very simple gallery with large images. I also want the images to be found and that is made easy by the gallery structure and search function.

Jonathan Webb

Фотографы и частные лица Germany

I like to publish my photos and I started 2013 using koken. koken is no longer maintained, I made my change to Piwigo in 2020 as it offers a lot of possibilities and a good support based on the community behind. Piwigo's history was enough reason to expect a system with ongoing maintenance and development different to koken. A system which is open and free is in my view a choice which can last for a long time.

Ulf Tietjen

Фотографы и частные лица Germany

I am writing to compliment you on your photograph organization software. I am a pathologist, and I use this to organize photomicrographs for teaching and distribution to colleagues. It is easy to use, easy to understand, requires minimal maintenance, and my colleague have no trouble getting what they need. I appreciate having access to such a great product.

William R Oliver, MD

Образование и исследования United States

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