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Piwigo - галерея для изображений в Интернете. Все программные элементы - с открытым кодом. Предназначено и для организаций, и для групп, и для отдельных лиц.

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Piwigo шикарно подходит, когда речь заходит о классификации тысячи или даже сотен тысяч изображений.


Созданная в 2002 году, Piwigo поддерживается своими пользователями более 22 лет. Постоянное развитие, только вперед!

Открытый исходный код

Исходный код доступен для всех. Можно проверять и редактировать. Легко изменить результаты, применяя плагины и темы.

Прекрасные галереи, созданные с Piwigo

Robert Miller
Office du Tourisme du Bassin d'Arcachon
Ville d’Arles
Musée Virtuel de la Méditerranée

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I use Piwigo to share the photo reports of my services with my customers, via a plugin that allows albums to be shared without making them public. Secondly, I use Piwigo to share service requests with each of my partners, isolating the photos that concern them in their own album and sharing them with the partners concerned. Finally, Piwigo enables me to work as part of a team: the photos I take are organized and then shared with my customers by my colleague, who can therefore work in parallel with my frequent additions. The Android application is also very useful. In short, Piwigo is the Internet photo gallery I needed! Well done!

François Vanderbuecken, Zéayon-Automobile

Компании France

We have been using Piwigo since 2011 and we are fully satisfied with it. Piwigo really meets our needs, especially thanks to the fine management of user permissions, because we are 30 people using the tool. I also appreciate the ease of use, the quality of the support, and the fact that it is an open source product, which was for us a choice criterion.

Stéphanie Corfec, Agence D’Urbanisme Brest Bretagne

Государственный сектор France

Feeding an online photo library was a real challenge for us! The platform is fun, ergonomic and compatible with our other software. A real time saver, a success!

Nicolas, Parc naturel régional des Landes de Gascogne

Туризм и культура France

We opted for Piwigo because it seemed to be a flexible solution that met our needs without being very expensive. We're delighted and have been able to measure the difference: before, for the production of our brochure in 2020, we had to exchange HD files by transfer... a real pain. Now, as soon as I buy photos, I enter them into Piwigo with all the information relating to the project, and we share the photo library with the graphic designers. This time we didn't waste any time and we managed the iconographic part of our new brochure really well.

Georgia Desvarennes, Texaa

Компании France

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