Примечание к релизу / Piwigo 1.0.0

Birth of Piwigo

Скачать Piwigo 1.0.0

Релиз от 15 Апрель 2002

  • html interface for installation and configuration
  • Auto update (launched by the webmaster) of image database
  • unlimited number of image categories, 1 sub-level for categories, unlimited number of sub-categories for each category.
  • supported file format for pictures : jpeg (.jpg ou .JPG)
  • free access (anybody can access) or restricted (only authorized registered members)
  • user identification by cookie
  • each user can customize the appearance of the gallery
  • 3 levels for users : “guest” (can customize appearance), “member” (can modify comments on images) and “admin” (access administration panel)