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Piwigo - галерея для изображений в Интернете. Все программные элементы - с открытым кодом. Предназначено и для организаций, и для групп, и для отдельных лиц.

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Piwigo шикарно подходит, когда речь заходит о классификации тысячи или даже сотен тысяч изображений.


Созданная в 2002 году, Piwigo поддерживается своими пользователями более 21 лет. Постоянное развитие, только вперед!

Открытый исходный код

Исходный код доступен для всех. Можно проверять и редактировать. Легко изменить результаты, применяя плагины и темы.

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Winchester City Council
Parc naturel régional des Landes de Gascogne
Wessex Water
Ville d’Arles

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Thanks to Piwigo I have been able to manage, organize and share my entire gallery of photo albums according to my needs. And all with just a few clicks. Brutal!

lbert Parera

Photographers & individuals Spain

I've been managing an album with sub-albums containing almost 5,000 photos for an association: it's top-notch! I used to use Google Picasa... Piwigo's operation and administration are much nicer, more interesting, customizable and clear! I have no regrets about choosing the Piwigo solution! Thanks for all your hard work!

Jean-Daniel Gonon

Non Profits France

When we had to change the university's existing photo library solution in a hurry, Piwigo seemed a good compromise. We needed a solution that was quick and easy to set up, enabling us to technically manage a large image database with indexing, metadata management and search capabilities akin to an EDM or DAM solution, a real publishing and sharing interface with access rights management, operational interfacing with the school's information system and seamless integration into my Lightroom workflow. After two years, Piwigo has given us a great deal of satisfaction, far beyond the transitional solution we expected. Although the DAM functions still need to be enhanced, the flexibility provided by the customization and plug-in system and the open source development mode make it a scalable, adaptable and robust solution, capable of elegantly covering the essentials.

Pascal Levy, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Education & Research France

I am a photography enthusiast, sharing lots of free stock photos and photos from hiking trips in New Zealand. I have close to 3,500 images in my Piwigo photo gallery, and all is running very smooth. I discovered Piwigo in 2015. I needed to replace a discontinued photo gallery with something new and Piwigo ticked all the boxes for me. I never looked back - setup was fairly straightforward and maintenance is effortless. No fuss, things just work. And when something breaks (I had a broken version update once) then I received immediate help on community forums and the issue was resolved within a few hours. Frankly, that's faster than paid-for commercial support with most vendors I know of. One important factor why I picked Piwigo over other available options is the community spirit. I prefer supporting software that is available for everyone to use in any way they like. This is profoundly different from vendor lock-in and EULAs full of small print, that you find with proprietary products.

Tomas Sobek

Photographers & individuals New Zealand

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