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Two-factor Authentication

email security 2FA
1 Available languages

Revision 0.1Beta

2 years 1 month ago
Compatible with the latest version of Piwigo
Чт 2 Июнь 2022 2 years 1 month ago

Warning ! This plugin is currently in BETA, it may have bugs and missing features.

Allow a Two-factor Authentication by mail (by a 6 digit temporary code).

Make sure that your piwigo admin user email address is correct and that you have access to it before activating this plugin !

Work with a correct SMTP server linked to piwigo.

Revisions 3

Ревизия 0.1Beta

Released on Чт 2 Июнь 2022


Compatible with Piwigo 14, 13, 12

2 years 1 month Zacharieg 1 Available languages+ 1

Working Beta of the plugin.

Contain email Authentication by mail with settings in the admin.