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Ручное обновление

Ручное обновление

This procedure is compatible with any version greater or equal to 1.4. For an older version, ask for help on the forum.

Please do check Piwigo current Requirements. Especially if your Php / MySQL configuration is NOT sufficient, do not go further as the upgrade process will fail.

Шаг 1 - Подготовка пакета

Шаг 2 - Подготовка базы данных (рекомендуется)

Резервное копирование текущих таблиц


If you are using a version from the PhpWebGallery 1.7 family or later, you can use the DB Backup plugin. Previous releases users should have to backup their tables by other means, for example with phpMyAdmin.

Рекомендованые опции PhpMyAdmin.

In any case, be sure to check the backup is exhaustive and has successfully completed (the result is sometimes truncated due to server limits).

Наш совет: оставить пустым "Расширенные вставки" или уменьшить "Максимальную длину созданных запросов".

Шаг 3 - Подготовка файлового сервера

Если у Вас Piwigo 2.1 или старше, прорустите этот шаг.

Резервное копирование только выбранных или всех файлов

5 min
  • Download the Prepare 2.1 Upgrade extension tool
  • extract the prep21up.php script and transfer it at the root of your Piwigo installation
  • open prep21up.php from your web browser http://example.com/photos/prep21up.php and you will receive an “upgrade21.zip” archive
  • On your computer, extract the “local” directory from “upgrade21.zip” into the “piwigo” directory (extracted during step 1).

Шаг 4 - Подготовка Галереи

Блокировка галереи

1 min

Для Piwigo 2.3 или более ранней версии: Конфигурация-Главная-Блокировка галереи. Для Piwigo 2.4 и старше: Инструменты-Обслуживание.

From now on, non-administrator users of any gallery version should see something like: “The gallery is locked for maintenance. Please, come back later.”.

Блокировка галереи

Шаг 5 - Очистка

Удалите все файлы текущей установки Piwigo, со следующими исключениями, НЕ удаляйте эти каталоги:

  • Галереи
  • Загрузка
  • Плагины
  • Темы
  • Шаблон-расширение
  • Локально
  • _data

Шаг 6 - Загрузка по FTP

Use your standard FTP client to upload the new release, ie the content of the “piwigo” directory (extracted during step 1 and updated during step 3), into the previous Piwigo installation directory.

Убедитесь, что Ваш FTP-клиент отработал без ошибок.

Шаг 7 - Обновление базы данных

Запуск обновления

2 min

In your web browser, open the “upgrade.php” script and follow the guide, http://example.com/photos/upgrade.php

To avoid any upgrade by another visitor you are invited to sign in

Страница обновления.

Your previous release is identified and you will get a summary of the upgrade operations;

Plugins active before the upgrade will be switched off to inactive status, as they could fail to work with the new release and need their own specific upgrade.

Обновление страницы заметок.

Step 8 - Check the upgrade result

Your first controls could take time because you are not aware of all the changes

15-120 min

You will see a list of all your previous plugins; some of them have been fully integrated in the core (like Plugins Manager), others are now distributed (like LocalFiles Editor), but any desactivated plugin has been so for a good reason.

Try to find an upgrade first; the plugins tabsheets can help you.

For themes, keep an admin page opened in your browser in case you need to reverse any of your tests.

Don't forget that your members or visitors can have a specific selected theme which is not compatible with your new release. You'd probably better have to reset their theme in the Admin users page.

Step 9 - Unlock your gallery

You begin to be confortable with our last release, do not forget to unlock your gallery to give access to visitors

1 min

Шаг 10 - очистка обновления Почты


1 min

Nothing has to be removed after any upgrade. The “upgrade.php” itself is not to be removed. Remember that the “No upgrade required” message and the sign-on process are protecting your gallery.

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