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Latest commits in Piwigo core, plugins, themes and other tools. This page gathers data from various code repositories to provide a "one place to watch".

3 Июнь 2020

Update zh_CN, thanks to LuRenJiasWorld

Bootstrap Darkroom 0289e2d7 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

[Meta_OG] add chose albums for list photos / options use other image for album and photo

Metadata Open Graph 32229 ddtddt

Update zh_CN, thanks to LuRenJiasWorld

manage_properties_photos 32228 TranslationTeam

2 Июнь 2020

Add it_IT, thanks to virgigiole

Bootstrap Darkroom ed16f06a Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update it_IT, thanks to virgigiole

Social-Connect 2722ab34 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update it_IT, thanks to virgigiole

TakeATour 87a910e9 Piwigo-TranslationTeam

Update it_IT, thanks to virgigiole

manage_properties_photos 32225 TranslationTeam

Add it_IT, thanks to virgigiole

greydragon 32224 TranslationTeam

1 Июнь 2020

[manage_properties_photos] notice if extended description is no installed thanks to executive

manage_properties_photos 32221 ddtddt

bmp_description 32220 ddtddt

31 Май 2020

Update lv_LV, thanks to agrisans

manage_properties_photos 32219 TranslationTeam


manage_properties_photos 32218 ddtddt

[manage_properties_photos] notice if data empty thanks to executive

manage_properties_photos 32217 ddtddt

30 Май 2020

Update fr_FR, thanks to Guillaume C

greydragon 32216 TranslationTeam

Update ca_ES, thanks to Tirs

manage_properties_photos 32215 TranslationTeam

Update es_ES, thanks to Tirs

manage_properties_photos 32214 TranslationTeam

29 Май 2020

Update fr_CA, thanks to bgoutier

manage_properties_photos 32213 TranslationTeam

28 Май 2020

Update nb_NO, thanks to paulen

MyPiwiShop 32212 TranslationTeam

Update pl_PL, thanks to mjp

manage_properties_photos 32211 TranslationTeam

Update nb_NO, thanks to paulen

manage_properties_photos 32210 TranslationTeam

Update da_DK, thanks to Kaare

manage_properties_photos 32209 TranslationTeam

Update en_UK, thanks to Kaare

manage_properties_photos 32208 TranslationTeam

Update pt_BR, thanks to flaviove

manage_properties_photos 32207 TranslationTeam

Update fr_FR, thanks to ddtddt

Metadata Open Graph 32206 TranslationTeam

27 Май 2020

fixes #7 removes writing on image

piwigodotorg c083cc32 Hannah

Update fr_FR, thanks to plg

piwigodotorg 8493b02a Piwigo-TranslationTeam

20 Май 2020

Issue #1175 : Design fixes due to the merge in origin branch

Piwigo a10d099b Zacharie

Issue #1175 : Plugin Manager dropdowns fixes

Piwigo 07731a57 Zacharie

19 Май 2020

fixes #1188 since 5b65fca3 the rank word can be surrounded by backticks

Piwigo ba264c57 plegall

Issue #1167 : Minor design fixes

Piwigo debb840e Zacharie

Issue #1167 : Group manager action and design fixes

Piwigo d4926f31 Zacharie

18 Май 2020

Issue #1167 : Minor changes (group order is now by alphabetic...), remove PHP actions on group_list.php

Piwigo 9b77eff0 Zacharie

17 Май 2020

#219 Allow user certificates

Piwigo-Android 5104d2bc Dr. Achim Leubner

16 Май 2020


manage_properties_photos 32205 ddtddt


manage_properties_photos 32204 ddtddt

15 Май 2020


PersoFooter 32202 ddtddt

Issue #1167 : Add pwg.groups.duplicate to API methods, add the merge action in group manager (and small code fixes)

Piwigo 9a293dc1 Zacharie

14 Май 2020

Version 1.4

Share Album b4bffb5c Arnaud

Version 1.4

Share Album b4bffb5c Arnaud

Issue #1167 : Fixes and code cleaning

Piwigo c4b38d1a Zacharie

13 Май 2020

Issue #1167 : Implement group merge function

Piwigo df46475e Zacharie


manage_properties_photos 32201 ddtddt

11 Май 2020

Issue #1167 : Member Manager Fixes and implementation

Piwigo 1d3c0861 Zacharie

10 Май 2020


manage_properties_photos 32195 ddtddt

9 Май 2020


manage_properties_photos 32194 ddtddt

8 Май 2020


Metadata Open Graph 32190 ddtddt


Metadata Open Graph 32189 ddtddt


manage_properties_photos 32188 ddtddt

7 Май 2020


Metadata Open Graph 32187 ddtddt


Metadata Open Graph 32186 ddtddt


Metadata Open Graph 32185 ddtddt

fixes #1182 with inheritance_by_default, copy only permissions from parents and do not add admins

Piwigo b31d68fb plegall

6 Май 2020


Photo_add_by 32182 ddtddt

[Photo_add_by] change for compatibilty new mpp

Photo_add_by 32181 ddtddt


manage_properties_photos 32180 ddtddt

Issue #1167 : Adding loading spinner in somes Group Manager Actions (rename, add and set default)

Piwigo 14c47f0d Zacharie