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  • Автор: Protheus
  • Категории: Инструмент
  • Tags: Quick Sync, Syncronization
  • Дата первого пересмотра: 2017-04-14
  • Самая поздняя дата пересмотра: 2017-04-14
  • Совместимо с: Piwigo releases 2.8, 2.9, 2.10
  • Загрузки: 1688

Описание: Since i upload all my Android Photos via FolderSync and SSH, they are already on the Server in the right place. I couldn't find a proper Commandline Tool to trigger only the Syncronization of this Incoming Folder to Piwigo. So i have tried too write my own small Script. I have used piwigo_import_tree.pl as inspiration since this is my first try with a Perl Script.

In my case i run the Script via a Cronjob, but maybe later i switch to inotify or anything similar. You can run the Script manually or via Cron like this example:

perl /media/hdd/piwigo_refresh.pl --base_url=http://localhost:81/piwigo/ --user=your_username --password=your_password --directory="absolute_path_to_your_ssh_upload_dir" --caddie=0 --privacy_level=4 --cat=your_category_id --subcat=1

If you find Problems, please let me know. I will try to solve them.

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Совместимо с: 2.10, 2.9, 2.8

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